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Sarah Lindsey Gupta

October 27, 1980 – November 6, 2011

Sarah E. Lindsey was born in October 1980 to proud parents Bill and Kathy Lindsey and grew up in New Kent County, Virginia, where she attended school grades K-12. In kindergarten, she demonstrated a musical potential and was selected for the gifted music program which proved her talent, second only to her passion for teaching. By fourth grade after having two exceptionally talented team-teachers, Carol Nelms and Shirley Francisco, Sarah announced that she planned to become a teacher, just like them. And she never lost sight of that goal.

At New Kent High School, Sarah excelled in public speaking under the tutelage of teacher Martha Martin on the Forensics team. She continued to sing in the high school chorus and St. Peters Church choir, as well as assumed a variety of leadership roles at school, church and the community. Sarah was the editor of the high school yearbook, class president of both her junior and senior classes, named “Most Likely to Succeed” by her peers and she also received the newly formed “New Kent High School Principal’s Leadership Award” from then-principal Mr. Don Marsh.

Sarah broadened her horizons at the college of her dreams – the College of William & Mary – where she continued with her passion for music by singing with a women’s a cappella group, the “Accidentals.” She obtained a double major in education and theater. It was at William & Mary that she met and fell in love with her friend and soul mate, Sumit Gupta, whom she married in March 2011.

Sarah was inspired to return to her New Kent roots and teach sixth and seventh grade at New Kent Middle School. She taught both English and History from 2003 through 2007 and became the teacher that every student longs for, because of her high energy and passion for both learning and teaching. She was beautiful, fun-loving and flashed a dazzling smile while always seeing the positive in each of her students. Confidence, compassion and love exuded from her to all with whom she came in contact. She encouraged and coaxed the best from each of her students and they gave back the same love and admiration to her. She was finally fulfilling her dream and purpose of a lifetime – teaching!

In June 2007, Sarah moved to Raleigh, NC to accept a new teaching position and to pursue a Master’s degree in education at NC State University. She began teaching seventh grade World History which included Asian, African and Australian history at Franklin Academy.

In January 2010, Sarah began having mysterious medical problems that were diagnosed in April of that same year as Stage IV Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma. She underwent a seven-hour surgery at Duke Medical Center and returned to teaching with six weeks, determined to beat the odds of this dreadful terminal cancer. There were no chemotherapy drugs known to be effective, yet she approached her challenge with such a positive attitude and a decision to research all her options, and did all in her power to think “outside the box.” Her desire to return to teaching – the desire of her heart – helped her keep up the fight against cancer. Unfortunately, none of the clinical trial drugs proved effective against this aggressive and rare form of cancer and Sarah Lindsey Gupta left this world on November 6, 2011. Her beauty, positive attitude and grace in the midst of trials, taught everyone she touched both how to live and how to die.