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Words from a husband

Undying love

Sarah, my beautiful wife inside and out, truly helped me discover the Love of God. A Love that has filled the void in my heart. From her, I learned that Love is the most significant of all human emotions. You can have everything but without Love you have nothing. You can have nothing, but with Love you have everything you need to live a meaningful life. Sarah and I are so fortunate to have found such a passionate and undeniably sincere Love for each other. Some people don’t find such a Love their entire lives. I would rather live in just a few moments of Love with her, than an eternity without it. I choose not to dwell on the wonderful life Sarah and I may have continued on for many years to come. We have already been abundantly blessed with such an incredible time together. For that, I am nothing but thankful. I would not change a single moment with her.

Sarah lived an amazing and fulfilling life. She loved to sing, dance, and try new things. She had a great appreciation and respect for the different people, cultures, and belief systems in the world. She vigorously, yet patiently, pursued her passions for teaching, as well as learning. She believed education and a strong faith are the cornerstones of life. She put her all in everything she did. She never felt lacking of anything in her life. She was very proud of her students, her family, her friends, her husband, and also her very special and personal relationship with God. She led a genuinely happy life, and continued to smile often in her final hours. Surrounded by her loved ones, she peacefully went into the arms of God with dignity and grace. She is no longer suffering. She is again singing, dancing, teaching and doing all the wonderful things she loves. She is Home.

Let us live in celebration of all the beautiful moments we have shared with Sarah. Let us gain strength from her determination to never give up. Even while fighting such a tough disease, Sarah was thankful for every moment of precious life she had until her final resting day. From her life, let us also feel a deeper sense of appreciation for each and every day that we are blessed with. Sarah daily recited with such sincerity and passion Psalm 118:24, “This is the day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it”. Most importantly, from Sarah’s unwavering Love, let us fall only deeper in Love with God, with our families, with our friends, with our passions, and with each other.

I always felt I had a very special love for Sarah. A Love I thought was at its peak. I was so wrong. My Love for Sarah has grown tremendously over the last few years and then exponentially just over the last few months. I have learned that there is no ceiling for Love. If you let it, Love is something that continues to grow beyond our wildest dreams and comprehension. Love is the platform of Life, the basis for Eternity.

Sarah will forever be in my heart. Her presence always felt. She will continue to be my inspiration and guide me to live a life following Love. I look forward to our next meeting. There is no rush 🙂